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More About our Hydrating Lip Gloss

Our moisturizing glosses aren’t just creative, but they also contain ingredients that actively remove dead skin on the lips when worn throughout the day which results in softer, more attractive lips. They also have amazing, unique scents and apply smoothly. These long-lasting glosses would be a great, easy and low effort addition to your lip care routine!

Lip Gloss

  • Septum Rings

    Our Septum Rings include horseshoe rings and full closure septum rings, all with unique designs!

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  • Faux Piercing Jewelry

    If you have rejecting piercings or aren’t allowed to get piercings, this collection is perfect for you! This jewelry collection does not require a real piercing and can be clipped on. Don’t worry, they provide a tight, comfortable hold and are adjustable to not fall off easily.

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Industrial Bars

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Custom Crocs